THOR UVC™ Disinfection System

THOR UVC® is a high-output disinfection robot using unique room mapping technology to deliver a fast and effective germicidal dose of continuous wave UVC energy killing germs and pathogens when and where you want. 

THOR® is the latest constant wave UV-C surface and air disinfection technology designed specifically for all areas of the hospital and healthcare environment. 

  • safe and simple to use

  • low costs

  • fastest turnaround times

  • robotically extends from 1,1m to 2,1m 

  • easy to transport

  • auto room entry detection

  • auto generates cleaning report

  • mm precision 360° scanning

  • faster disinfection

  • floor to ceiling disinfection

  • extends to shadowed areas

  • it can disinfect 3 units without necessary  deactivation of room ventilation or detector of smoke

    (3 ITU9 intensive care within 3 days)


Thor UVC Disinfection System


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