Cohesive bandage information

- an economical bandages for use when lightweight compression is required

- controlled compression - with nonslip support

- when applied properly, provides consistent compression that won´t cut off circulation

- excellent porosity in a lightweight comfortable bandages

Typical applications include:

  • compression bandages to stop bleeding

  • fixing bandage

  • affix bandage

  • support wrap

  • hold IV´s in place

  • pressure bandage to promote circulation and healing

Cohesive Bandages


CoFlex, CoFlex - Latex, CoFlex - Med

- available latex or non-latex

- self-adhering - sticks to itselfs, not to hair or skin

- available with Easy Hand - Tear patented technology - no scissors needed

- controlled compression - will not constrict over time

- economical- in many instances priced less than competitors products

- sweat and water resistnat

- lightweight and excellent porosity

- soft and comfortable - gentle on skin

- quick-stick - stays in place, will not unravel

- EasyTear patented technology - eliminates cross-contamination from scissors


Plastic Surgery - wrap to help control swelling and reduce bruising

Blood Banks, Labs, Donor Rooms, Plasmapheresis, Apheresis - compresion bandages

Dermatology - compression bandage, fixing bandages

Orthopedic Hand Therapy - support and compression bandage 

Operating Room - vascular post-operative wrap securing drapes, tubes, and equipment, knee and shoulder arthroscopy, total knee post-operative dressing

Orthopedics - leg ulcer wrap in conjuction with Unna boot as an over wrap

Podiatry - compression, fixing bandages

Radiology, MRI, IV Therapy - hold IV´s in place

Hemodialysis - compression bandages, holding IV´s and tubes

Burn Centers - pressure bandage to promote circulation and healing

Pediatrics - compression bandage (prints/colors are popular)

Occupational and Physical Therapy - support bandage, edema control and finger immobilization

Neonatal Intensive Care, Special Nurses - affix monitors to infants (smiley prints are popular)

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