Breast Implants

For over 25 years, POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics has specialized in the manufacturing of breast implants. They are characterized by the special non-liquid silicone gel and a multilayered, dense shell. The special consistency of the silicone gel makes the artificial breast resemble a natural breast in touch and movement. All implants are primarily handmade in Germany according to the highest quality requirements. The silicone is specifically approved for long-term implantation. After each step of production every single implant is checked by hand for possible errors. In addition, POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics conduct regular quality testing to ensure our product quality. 


Breast Implants


Sublime Line® implants

are filled with a form-stable gel in a modular design and four shell surfaces:

- Même®

- Replicon®

- Opticon®

- Optimam®

​   Diagon Gel® 4Two series

The silicone-gel filled Diagon\Gel® 4Two implant series is styled for simplicity. The morphostructural design ensures that the deliberately reduced range of sizes provides a large variety of projections, thus facilitating the proper choice.

Two series:


- 4Two AR

- 4Two AO

All our implants have a multilayered silicone shell. The surface of that shell can be designed in different ways:

  • smooth: POLYsmoooth™

  • microtextured (= slightly roughened): MESMO®sensitive, POLYtxt®

  • covered in micropolyurethane foam: Microthane®

Microtextured and Microthane® implants tend to retain their position in the body and will not rotate nor dislocate easily. The Microthane® surface additionally offers greater protection from capsular contracture. Overall, they produce significantly reduced complication rates.


Sublime Line; Même®


Breast implant: round base, regular profile.

Shell surface: POLYsmoooth™, Mesmo®sensitive, POLYtxt® ali Microthane®.

Sizes: 18 different

Projections: low L, moderate M, high H and extra high X.


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