Wound Care Bandages For Big Animal Use

Wound Care Bandages For Big Animal Use


A strong, flexible cohesive bandage ideal for support. High abrasion resistance keeps it from shredding. 

  • strong - 24 lbs tensile strength

  • won´t shred - high abrasion resistance

  • quick, easy application - no scissors needed

  • straight hand-tear

  • sweat and water-resistant, won´t saturate or slip

  • controlled compresion - will not constrict

  • available in 15 colors and 6 exclusive prints of different dimensions

  • available in a bitter-taste "NO CHEW" print - helps prevent biting,  tearing and chewing of bandages

Bandages were tasted and are completely safe for use!


Benefits of PowerFlex AFD!


  • high absorption

  • stronger than CoFlex and Vetrap

  • easy application

  • foam pad and PowerFlex cohesive in one

  • less dressing changes

  • controlled compression - will not constrict

  • helps protect wound from contamination

  • reduces maceration and promotes healing


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